Over $10 000 Funded For Cleo’s Sex Reassignment Surgery

Posted on Feb 7, 2015 in News
Over $10 000 Funded For Cleo’s Sex Reassignment Surgery
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THANK YOU! It’s amazing! We’re there. Together we’ve raised over 10 000 dollars for Cleo’s sex reassignment surgery. I couldn’t imagine this before we started.

A couple of minutes after we have reached our goal, Cleo posted a update on our Facebook page.It is really a post worth reading, instead of having me telling you how much this means. In this letter from Cleo and you’ll see the appreciation and happiness she feels right now. All the names are not there, but both the team and Cleo wants to thank everyone who has helped us make this dream come true. Not just the donors, but everyone who has supported her journey. Thank you so much, we’ll always be truly grateful!

A Letter From Cleo

In Africa, we say it takes a whole village to raise a child, tonight it took the whole world to raise this girl.
I cried, they were tears of disbelief, of utter happiness, but then again I can’t believe any words could possibly describe what I felt deep inside. I just couldn’t believe that this dream, that seemed so distant and trivial, had finally come true.Am humbled, moved beyond words, that people, gentle generous souls, that I have never met, gave of them selves, and loved me. There is no greater expression of love than this, there is no huger expression of humanity than what just happened today.

In me, I feel the seed that was planted in me has started sprouting, like winter is done and the hope of summer is near. I wish each and every one person who gave could realize what they just did today, what just happened, because today you gave me life, you gave me hope, you gave me breathe, and I feel forever indebted to humanity, to believing that there are not just a few good souls out there, and that humanity can be salvaged from destroying its self.

Nelson and I are so thankful for the many friends and aquaintances that we have cultivated through the pearl of Africa documentary. There are not many things that make my fiancé cry, this was one of them. Just like for me, they were tears of joy, of hope of salvation. Tonight I sleep a happy girl, and I can’t wait for the months to roll by. Am like a young girl who can’t wait to open her Christmas gift.

I want to mention names, but how would that even suffice, afew of my new mean friends decided to be anonymous, and I want to scream their names, please send me a friend request, I want to say thank you in person, its how we do it in Africa. I wish, oh how I wish, that all of you could be by my bed side as they roll me to the O.R. I know I have one of my dear friends to come along with me to Thailand, because he has been a huge part of this.

This started as my dream, but I think it has out grown me, it is our dream, you have all been central to it, and for now, just for now, Nelson and I would love to just fade in the back ground and salute you all. Jonny, Madeleine, the whole Wallstrom family thanks a lot for putting this all together. Katia, Mwende, who I just made acquaintance of a couple of weeks ago, thanks for everything. David, yeah, Dave, you are awesome.

Mona wallstrom, Bernt Belt, Sergio Palacios, Lena Stenberg, Myles Downes, Robin Frank, Anne la coste Kelly Showker, Judie Forshey, John Kidenda, Caroline Ritchie, Bosse3, Kate Hart, Saoirse Ni Chianaoith,Shane, Knut, Funkel ,Jennifer Couglan, Mira Yusef, Pail Drousiotis, Effie Makepeace, David Manero, Elizabeth Ek, Shelly Wilkins, Elmem Poescu, Billy, Davinida Forgy, Shantha Roberts, Rorygory, Tendor Teo Kourkoulis Samony Mudemuki Bigirwenkya, Sarah Conte, Michelle Botelho,Chelsey Ann, Martina Downey, Ari Mostov, Malin Karlson, Lori Moody, , Tim Batog, Georgina cAPRISTO-Gajdosik, Tony DeRosa, Matthew Buckwildpegasus Leavitt, Καταρίνα Ελευθερία, Eric Wright, Aldine Reinink, Robyn Symon, and David Robinson…am so thankful for you all.

Yeah in my culture when you greet people, you also ask, how the goats are, and the chickens, so when I thank, I have to make sure I remember each and every one.
UHAI EASHRI my work place, I got no words for the awesome people of UHAI EASHRI…you took me up at my darkest and you have continued to nurture me, and give me strength and hope, thanks a lot for your support….
I can’t sleep, but I am going to try to sleep tonight…thanks a lot again.

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