Jonny Von Wallström on Huffington Post Live

Posted on Jan 12, 2015 in News

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Watch Jonny Von Wallström guesting Huffington Post live to talk about The Pearl Of Africa. It’s a 6 minute interview hosted by Josh Zepps. Listen to Jonny while he talks about the background of the project and how he meet Cleopatra.

It’s now only 25 days left of the campaign and we’ve so far raised 56 % of our 10 000 dollar goal. Times goes so fast and we really need your help to make this possible. Last week, Cleo wrote a heartbreaking post on our Facebook page. It I’ve copied it so you can read it here as well.

For a time when all people in their uniqueness and differences are celebrated and not reduced to singular superficial labelers… for such a time i long for.

For a time when our identities and labelers are not used as limitations and inhibitions to hush us up and oppress us. For such a time I cry for.

For a time when none of our identities is used to define us, but we are appreciated in the multiplicity of our heritages.

For a time when our identities are not used to ostracize us and push us to the periphery of society into the otherness as social pariahs.

I ponder upon a time when we will be able to appreciate each other as priceless magnificent masterpieces of art, a composite mosaic of our experiences and realities… For a time when our multi faceted personas in their complexities will be celebrated in their uniqueness and not trampled on, for such a time i fight for.

For such times i will die for.
And i believe now more than ever that such times are not far from us, that as Utopian and distant as this universe may feel, such times times are closer to us than we ever thought…We alone hold the power to re write the narrative of our history and herstory,, we have the power to turn this vision into a reality. such a time is moving more and more from the realm of vision to reality…There’s never been a better time to take up arms and crack down oppression and hegemony in all the subtle ways its manifests, and to be able to recognize and call out oppression and hegemony in all its subtleties is but our role. There’s nothing to loose but our chains…..XOXO Cleo Kambugu Kentaro…happy week end.

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