Our Travel to Thailand

Posted on Apr 19, 2015 in News
Our Travel to Thailand
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It’s now one week and a couple of days to our travel to Thailand, its amazing how time flies by so fast…..am still pinching myself to make myself believe this is not a dream buts its actually happening…Of course I had a swarm of butterflies in my stomach, my fiance, and workmates tell me this is completely normal…To give back to the wonderful people we’ve shared our personal story with, I would like to take off this week before my surgery to invite you even closer into my life….am still looking at how this can happen. I would definitely be available for Q&A’s, drop me an add on my facebook [cleo xulaye quentaro], I would be happy to chat away…and am sure the team at rough studio is even thinking of more ingenious ways to have Nelson and I share this week with you all…# Thailand


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